Privacy Policy

LOOK INCORPORATED ("LOOK") will abide by the Personal Information Protection Act and other legislation and regulations pertaining to personal information protection, and will strive for appropriate management and protection of personal information in accordance with the policy below.

1. Acquisition of personal information

In principle, LOOK will not gather personal information without stating the contents and/or purposes of a service, nor without prior notice.

2. Purposes of using personal information

LOOK will acquire personal information from customers solely by legitimate methods, such as directly in writing, and will use it solely for the following purposes:

  1. (1)Provision of information on brands, products and shops.
  2. (2)Provision of information concerning events and other services.
  3. (3)Implementation of questionnaires and similar.
  4. (4)Product shipment and payment settlement in internet shopping.
  5. (5)Sales and customer services including reserve and pick up, repair and alteration, later-date handover, delivery, after-sale service and others.
  6. (6)Product development and marketing.
  7. (7)Notifications necessary in connection with (1) to (6) above.
3. Provision of personal information to third parties

LOOK will not provide personal information to a third party without obtaining the information subject's prior consent, except in the following cases (1) to (4):

  1. (1)The information must be so handled pursuant to laws or regulations.
  2. (2)The information is needed in order to protect human life or health, or property, and it is problematic to obtain the information subject's consent.
  3. (3)The information is particularly needed for improving public health or for promoting the sound growth of children who are still developing mentally and physically, and it is problematic to obtain the information subject's consent.
  4. (4)A government agency or similar body needs to obtain the cooperation of a private enterprise or similar organization in order to carry out tasks prescribed by laws or regulations, and obtaining the information subject's consent in order for the cooperating private enterprise or similar organization to provide personal data to the government agency or similar body could hinder execution of the tasks in question.
4. Management of personal information

LOOK will carefully manage personal information provided by customers, and will strive to take reasonable safety measures in order to prevent unauthorized accessing, loss, destruction, alteration or leakage of such information.

5. Management and monitoring of entities entrusted with personal information

In entrusting the handling of personal information to a third party, LOOK will, on its own responsibility, conduct screening to ensure that the entities entrusted with the information are appropriate. Furthermore, LOOK will oblige such entities, by means of formal agreements, to carry out information protection and management comparable to that carried out by LOOK, and will carry out appropriate management and monitoring of such entities on that basis.

6. Change and deletion of personal information contents

A customer who wishes to reference his or her own personal data or wishes LOOK to correct, delete, or cease using it, should contact a LOOK customer desk. After confirming that the customer is the information subject, we will promptly comply with the request, to the extent that we are reasonably able. We will also promptly respond to complaints or requests for consultation concerning personal information.

7. Organization and system for personal information

In order to implement this Policy, LOOK will appoint Personal Information Protection Managers and put in place a management system for personal information. Moreover, we will formulate internal rules, manuals and so forth, and thoroughly familiarize our employees with them.

Also, LOOK will strive for continuous improvement of this Policy, by for example conducting appropriate internal audits concerning the personal information that it handles.

8. Help desk for inquiries and complaints concerning personal information

LOOK will establish a help desk that will deal with complaints and requests for consultation concerning personal information.

Inquiries concerning personal information:
Personal Information Help Desk
TEL: +81(0)3-3794-9301
Reception hours: 10am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
(Closed during weekends, public holidays, summer vacation and year-end New Year vacation)
9. Review of Privacy Policy

LOOK will continuously review and strive to improve the contents of this Privacy Policy.

Revised October 5, 2016